Friday, July 18, 2008


Thought I'd add some pictures of our recent trip to Maryland. Enjoy!

This is just the cutest kid around!

Samuel with his Grammy and Papa Kelley.

Four generations: my grandparents (grandma and grandpa Phillips), my mom, me and Samuel. This and the next 2 pictures were taken just after breakfast the morning after we arrived. It was about 4 am to me and I was NOT prepared for picture taking. BUT, it was a beautiful morning on the deck at my parents house. We had to get our picture taking opportunities in before my grandpa, uncle Ron and aunt Lisa had to get on the road. They were taking grandpa and Stray (the dog) back to Indiana after several weeks visiting in Maryland.

My grandma and grandpa Phillips and Samuel.

My uncle Ron and aunt Lisa with Samuel.

This was a rocking bear my mom has at her house. At first, Samuel didn't know what to do in it but after about 10 minutes he was rocking himself.

Samuel and his grandad at dinner one night. Notice how everything is WAY out of reach! Samuel has elastic arms. :)

As I was packing up our stuff to come back home, Samuel was playing in the pack-n-play. He started laughing and I looked up to see he had pulled himself up onto 1 knee and 1 foot. He was so proud of himself.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Your Mom sent me the link to this and I really enjoyed it. The pictures turned out great, and Samuel is just adorable! I was so interested in everything, I read your entire blog from day 1 until now! Very interesting. Now I can check back every few days rather than reading an hour at a time!


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