Monday, March 19, 2012

Feelings of abandonment

This blog has been having them. And I let it happen. It's been about 18 months since my last post....I sheepishly admit. And a LOT has happened in 18 months. Here is a quick run-down:
  • I started massage therapy school. Monday - Thursday, 7 to 10:30 pm. A mommy and babysitter (I hate being called this and am still seeking alternative titles) by day, student by night.
  • Christmas came and went.
  • I got pregnant. Due date was 10/2/11. Expected date of graduation was 10/14/11. Houston, we may have a problem. Have you ever done something as physical as given a massage...or 5...while pregnant? Not recommended.
  • Continued to plow through school. My mantra was "Must finish. Must finish well. Must finish well before baby get here." Repeat.
  • Took a weekend trip to LA before weekend clinic started.
  • Worked doubles in clinic to get that requirement completed before baby comes. Repeat mantra stated above.
  • For those keeping track, yes, I was at school 6 days a week. 7 toward the end.
  • Took a vacation to Charleston, South Carolina where I started to develop a strange skin thing.
  • Came home to discover my strange skin thing was actually shingles. As I said at the time, "Shingles on a roof are cool. Shingles on a human, not so much." Pain, lots of pain. Forced break from school for a few days just about sent me over the edge.
  • Friday, Sept. 30 - Finished my second to last hands on and written final at school while welcoming the calmest of contractions.
  • Monday, October 3 - Gave birth to Jillian Elizabeth Marie Kelley within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital. Birth story will come later. Birth experience in a word: incredible.
  • Wednesday, October 5 - Came home from the hospital to get dressed in my school uniform and go take my last final. Yes, you may call me SuperWoman. But only for today.*wink*
  • October 14 - Graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy with a 4.0. Not easy but worth it.
  • Christmas came and went.
  • Now I seek a job in the field of massage therapy. Still a mommy by day (and night).
So that's about it. I'll just let you sit with this for a day or 2 then I shall start to tackle my list of blog post subjects. :)

Have a blessed day.

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