Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9 months

Samuel is 9 months old today! So what are we doing to celebrate? Well, we went to Stroller Strides for the first time this morning. It was fun and Samuel enjoyed it. I have a week of free classes to decide what I'd like to do and I'm going to take advantage of it! The class starts at 8:45 which is just about the time Samuel is starting his morning nap. He wasn't too upset by that this morning. He just slept longer when we got home.

Samuel has been up to lots, lately. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but he says da-da, ma-ma, he frequently sucks his thumb when there isn't a binky around. He can pull himself up with minimal help, he can feed himself small pieces of food like fruit, cereal pieces, Baby Mum-mums (yummy!). When in his bed, he enjoys playing peek-a-boo with the bumper pad. His latest act:

Yesterday we went to SanTan Village with the hope that Samuel could play in the water area they have for kids. It was a good idea but too many other people had the same one. It wasn't a problem that there were lots of kids there but the breakdown started when the kids that were there could walk, talk, scream, shove, push and generally be bratty, selfish kids...not very good share-ers. I am taking him back tomorrow when I have a little bit more people power. We are planning a play date for our kids.

It may surprise you to know I enjoy a good story about poo just about any time. Now, I have pictures to share, so be warned. Just poo, no booties. :) Samuel loves the jumparoo. It's nice to put him in there while I'm in the shower because I can see him enjoying it while I'm in the shower. This is usually how it works in our house, if I don't shower while he's sleeping. So when I got out of the shower the other day, I had to get the camera, for this is what I saw:

Yes, it ran down the back of his leg and dropped on the floor where he stepped in it while jumping, pushing it down into the carpet. When I wanted to share with Kevin he said only me and Kate (Kate Gosselin, of Jon & Kate plus 8, who takes pictures of her children with their first poo-poo in the potty) enjoyed poo so much.

In the crafting world, I have finished the bag and need to get the pictures taken and loaded so voting can begin. And now I am working on "the book". It is an activity book for kids with several pages for them to learn things like zipping a zipper, tying a shoelace, jingling bells, fastening buttons, you get the idea. I figured a book like this at the store would probably cost about $15 or so. At last check I have spent way more than $15 on supplies for this book. I had better get busy working on it or I'll be in big trouble!

I had better get back to life. I need to shower while Samuel is sleeping for fear I'll have another incident as described above.

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