Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Samuel's YouTube debut

Welcome to our new blog page! I decided to try this out since I can easily post pictures here. First things first: Samuel. He is such a character! He is rolling over (no more laying him on the couch or the bed!) and trying so hard to move around. He is just getting ready to figure out how to push his legs but he still doesn't get anywhere. This, however, does not stop him from getting into things. Even when we are holding him he is so squirmy and looks for things to get into.

Today I had him on the kitchen counter in his Bumbo chair. I was standing in front of him and he managed to get to the canister of tea bags. Big deal, they are just tea bags, right? He took the lid off, pulled about 1/2 out and decided to see what was so great about tea and sucked on two of the bags. Like I said, I was watching all of this but he is still so inquisitive.

He is working on some teeth. None coming through yet, thankfully, but they are right there.
Samuel is also starting to notice when he is left alone. The other morning I woke to him playing in his bed. He was just talking and being so nice. I decided to go brush my teeth before getting him up. Bad idea to him. He saw me walk by and quickly went from a happy baby to an angry baby. He does this when he is playing in his saucer too! I walked by him the other day and didn't pick him up or really even acknowledge him on the way by. This really hurt his feelings.

A few days ago he was laying on the guest bed and Kevin and I were just hanging out in the office. I decided it was a good time to try to get some video of Samuel. Good thing! In 4 minutes, he did just about all the cute things he's doing now: playing with his feet, sucking his thumb (so bad, I know!), sucking his toes, rolling his "R"s, just being a cute baby! You can check it out for yourself on YouTube. Just search "Samuel's Talents".

The Great Strides walk is in just a few days! I've been trying to get ready by walking more lately, which Samuel absolutely loves! What a treat he is in for when he walks with 500+ people on Saturday at Kiwanis park. I'm so pleased to say Team Samuel made it's goal! Thanks to ALL who donated so generously to support such a great cause. I am confident the CF Foundation spends all it's money frugally. They frequently remind us they operate on a dime, literally. Of every dollar donated, 90 cents goes toward research for a cure and drug development for treatment plans. If you haven't had the opportunity to donate and would like to, it's NOT too late! Go to cff.org/great_strides/ericakelley and you can do everything there.

Thanks again for checking in!

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