Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We broke 30!

I'm not sure how this is such a surprise, but Samuel has finally broke 30 pounds! Since his last 2 visits he was stuck in the 29 range, I was sort of expecting the same this time. Even though I know he's grown in height. But, anyway... we are celebrating!!!

And, if that wasn't enough, today we closed the study book and turned in the giant bag of empty HTS study vials. After a year of 2 plastic boxes occupying my kitchen counter (1 for full vials, 1 for empties), I can now clear that spot for a little while and enjoy not completing surveys every Tuesday night. Well, at least until the next study.

In spite of the great news, we still talked about a g-tube for Samuel. See, in addition to gaining a little weight, he also grew an inch, not changing his place on the growth chart very much. Actually, I think it dropped a little. Even though he's still "borderline"we are having the same conversations at every clinic visit. At this point, it's still our decision. I'm fearful that one day it won't be our decision anymore. While I don't consider myself as one who keeps her head buried in the sand, I'd rather not think about how a tube will change our lives forever. We will keep doing what we're doing and hope for a miracle!

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  1. See ya 20's!!! Way to go, Samuel, that is definitely worth a celebration!


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