Monday, June 14, 2010

Better step it up!

It only takes a little act of kindness by someone to remind me I better step it up on the updating of my blog. Apparently, small favors are repaid by posting someone to a blogroll. I had no idea. And because I'm now in another (or maybe this makes one...) blogroll, I should probably update said blog.

So, here's what's happening the land of the CF Mommee:

1. We have held off on transitioning CF Boy to a toddler bed for several reasons. 1, he has no reason to get out of bed in the night as he is not yet potty trained. Yet. We are making headway. And this is good. And 2, um, well, who really wants their 2 year-old trashing the house while the parents are trying to sleep. That's what I thought too. But, potty training is going fairly well. First stop out of bed in the morning is the potty. He's got it. During church yesterday he said he had to go to the potty, and he did! By the way, I take those requests very seriously because I don't want him to think he's got to tell me 50 times before I take him. And I really am getting sick (yes, sick) of changing poopy CF diapers. Not sure how we can cover the entire spectrum of poo consistency in one BM, but... Yeah, enough about poo!

2. Since I've been trying to tackle all toddler issues at once, issues like big-boy bed, potty and ditching the binky, I'm making headway on the other, not mentioned above. Binky at bedtime only. He can sound so pitiful asking for it. Yes, I know. When they ask for it then it's time for it to go. He says "I need a binky! Pleeeeaaase?" I try to remind him, only at naptime. Then say "Are you ready to take a nap?" His response is something like. "I'm sleepy. You sleepy too?"

3. Class. He's got Sunday School down so I thought it would be good for him to be in a toddler class. I signed him up for Storytime Arts & Crafts. One day a week for 45 minutes. NOT a Mommy-And-Me style class. First week, he made it until the last 5 minutes then the teacher came and got me. Not too bad. He just wanted me in there while he colored his picture. Second week he stood at the door and cried. 20 minutes in, the teacher came and got me. Tomorrow is week 3. We will see if they change it to a mommy-and-me class yet!

After prayerful consideration about the needs of CF Boy, and the mental needs of this CF Mommee, we have decided to give homeschooling a whirl. That makes it sound like I decided to do this on a whim. Not so. I think most people consider homeschooling because they want to make sure their children are taught what is honest, true, pure, and keep them from the dangers of school like exposure to drugs, violence, and other potentially harmful moral issues. I realize I'm making some very broad generalizations but just stick with me for a moment. Along with my husband, I am considering homeschooling the boy because I want to keep him from harmful germs (as much as possible) and knowing that, one day, hospitalizations will come and school will still be there, hospital or not. What better way to keep up with school work than if it's already at home! Oh yeah, and there are the other things that "normal" parents consider as well. I think we can all agree we just want what's best for our kids.

Which reminds me... Please leave me your thoughts on the following, uh, thought:

When did it become OK for moms to judge 
other moms for the things they do or decisions they make?

Just to be clear, I don't feel I have been wrongfully judged. Please leave me a comment! I'd love to know your thoughts!

And because the update wouldn't be complete without some photos...


  1. My wife and I know longer refer to ourselves as parents. We're now "personal assistants" to our daughter. Your post reminded me of all the stuff we used to do for out daughter.

    Best to you.

  2. I found your blog through cffatboy's blogroll :) My son also has cf.

    I think what we decide to do for our children come from a long thought process and lots of love. I wish moms were more supportive, especially cf moms. I quit posting in places I used to cause it seemed like such a contest or moms ganging up on others when they didn't agree. I don't think there is one true answer.

    I bought my son a potty chair and it sits unused in the bathroom. I am with you on being so tired of cf poopies! He has such sporadic bouts of diarreah and well you know what I mean probably better than anyone. lol Goodluck with potty training, I hope he can transition smoothly! I think I jumped the gun and got overly excited lol So I'm holding off until he turns 2.

    I also have been comtemplating the whole school thing since he grows closer and closer to that age faster than I would like him to! I've came to the same conclusion and I'm pretty sure (as of right now) that I will homeschool him. I think it makes the most sense for us for pretty much the same reasons you have mentioned.

    Your son is such a cutie pie! Enjoyed reading your post :) Blessings!


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