Friday, April 9, 2010

A long-awaited update and Easter

The long-awaited update!

We have had an appointment with Samuel's pediatric pulmonologist and it's been decided that Samuel does NOT need a g-tube at this time. His weight goal for his last visit was to average 9 grams per day. His average was 12 grams per day! Um, yeah, he's 2 and he does whatever he wants. Or, he tries to anyway. :)

So how did I he we do it?

First, we changed some meal-time habits. Whoever is home sits and eats at the table with him. The high chair got shoved in the corner and he now sits in a booster seat at the table with us. Routines are more firm now and meal-times are more definite. (I say this as he's snacking on some cheese while sitting in the floor watching a call me a liar.)

Second, we added more calories. I know, I thought it was impossible too. As it turns out, canola oil can be added to quite a bit of food! He has some sort of full-fat yogurt (YoBaby or la Creme are the favorites) with canola oil mixed in. For a 4 ounce cup of yogurt, I mix 1/2 tablespoon of canola oil. For the 6 ounce cups 1 tablespoon. I know the ratio isn't equal but it didn't matter too much to Samuel as far as taste is concerned. I noticed his digestive system handled the 1/2 tablespoon better. (attn caregivers or people with CF, you can read between the lines here). I also tried to make meals especially for him as much as possible. Things like macaroni and cheese, double buttered waffles, or grilled cheese sandwiches with butter on the inside and outside of the bread and 2 slices of cheese (this can get a little messy to make) seem to be his favorite. Oh, and bacon. The boy likes bacon! And sour cream! He'd probably love bacon dipped in sour cream.

Doing these things has really helped him and I hope my tricks help others.

Samuel was blessed with THREE Easter baskets. The first one he opened was from his Grammy, Papa, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lori on Saturday. After making a neat pile of grass and pulling all items out of the box, I asked Samuel what the favorite item from his Easter basket was. He quickly held up the VeggieTales marshmallows. I think he likes looking at them because he's tried to eat 2 of them but doesn't really care for the marshmallow too much.

The second basket was from mommy and daddy on Easter Sunday. It was a busy day and mom didn't get any pictures but he really is enjoying the stacking cups from it.

The third and final basket was from Gagaw and Papa Engle. It got opened the day after Easter. And the favorite item was the lamb.

Or so he said. Really, he's been playing with the yellow foam, glittery egg-on-a-stick more than the lamb.

(Did you notice the hair cut in there? His mom did that! ...such talent... )
And, if you think celebrating Easter for 3 days is quaint, get this: We celebrated for 4 days! Oh, yes, we still had to hunt the eggs! So on Tuesday, while Samuel was napping and before I had to scoot off to class, I hid the eggs around the house. It was so much fun to see Samuel search for candy-filled eggs. He was so pleased with himself and even more delighted when he figured out how to unwrap the chocolate he found inside. Kevin, on the other hand, was not so thrilled to turn the corner to find Samuel with chocolate all over his face and hands.

Some random yet funny pictures:
He puts the blanket over his head to go to sleep in the car. He's asleep under there!

He posed for this himself! What a silly goose...


  1. Thanks for the update! I'm so glad he is doing better! He is a lucky little boy - AND so many baskets! Sounds like you had a good Easter :O) P.S. I still need to do our egg hunt :O)

  2. What a great post! One celebration after another! 12 grams/day, that is such a huge praise!!!!!


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