Monday, December 7, 2009

Early Christmas and a Christmas Casualty

About a year ago I had a post titled Christmas Casualties. Although it's a little early this year, there has already been a casualty this year. Really, it's to be expected. Samuel is 2. He likes loves to play ball.

Before you get too impressed, I haven't yet decorated for Christmas. I changed the fall wreath hanging on our front door to a wintery wreath (you know, to keep up appearances) and set out 1 of the 2 Nativity scenes I have. And a box of decorations has made it in from the garage. That, my friends, is where the problem is. See, the box brought in has the ornaments in it. Glass ornaments. That look like shiny silver balls. Laying right on top. Begging little hands to play.

You can imagine Samuel's surprise when this ball didn't bounce on the tile, but broke into a million little pieces. What a loss.

There was another minor casualty. Of the 2 decorations I have put out, I broke something else. The Virgin Mary's hand broke at the wrist. I can't blame the little man for that one, though. It was all mommy. But nothing a little super glue couldn't fix. Now that I think about it, super glue has been my friend lately. It fixed a snowman/"believe" knicknack that somehow hit the floor a few days ago. Again, no big deal. Superglue. My friend.

I've had an early Christmas this year. My dad has come to visit for a week. When he visits, things get done around my house. Walls get painted, it feels more like home than before. This year, I got new furniture. An awesome dining table and chair set from World Market to replace the temporary (and 6 year-old) table and chairs* from Ikea. A brown chair, dresser and side table was added to the guest room. Now my guests can put their clothes away and not live out of their suitcase or pile clothes up on the floor.

Thanks, mom and dad (papa and gagaw) for the early Christmas gifts! Everyone in this house really appreciates it!

* Want some red chairs and cushions for your house? See my craigslist post.

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  1. Oh, I am so nervous about the Christmas Casualties that are sure to happen in our house.


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