Saturday, January 24, 2009

You wanna hear what happened in this house today?

Not too much really happened in the house. But there was a "first" I'm supposed to post.

Samuel's grandparents are visiting from Virginia and wanted to go to the Heard Museum in Phoenix, so after a wonderful breakfast at Joe's Farm Grill (yum!) we loaded up the car and went to the museum. Samuel's first museum trip! Overall, he did great. Many positive comments. Nothing was broken and he was quiet most of the time. His favorite part was the video about the Havasupai Tribe in northern Arizona. I think he liked that mostly because he got to push a big green button to get it to start.

He is ALL over the place,trying to walk down the steps like a big boy, hiding in cabinets and trying to figure out how water comes out of the faucet. He has perfected his skill of sliding off the couch or a bed on his tummy. The only problem he faces is sliding off of our bed. It's considerably higher from the floor so he gets half-way then can't decide if wants to let go and continue to slide or try to get back up.

Last weekend we took Samuel to the playground in our neighborhood. He slid down the slides, played on the swing and just had a great time running all over the place. What a great place to play! He was having so much fun he didn't want to leave when it started getting dark.

A few have asked about his chest therapy vest (really called a high-frequency chest compression vest, or HFCC). This is a vest that will take the place of the chest physical therapy (CPT) we do manually, clapping his back and chest. It's more effective than we are and a fabulous medical device to help loosen the mucus from his lungs. This vest will grow with him and he will probably use it for the rest of his life. When he outgrows one size, we will receive a replacement. As far as the cost, we DO have a "patient responsibility", meaning our insurance will not cover 100%. However, the company will work with us to spread our payments out over 36 months. The entire system will be here Tueday and we will begin using it as soon as possible. Thank you Jesus for making this available when there seemed to be no way!

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  1. I just found your sight! I had posted the video on my blog awhile back for an informational video, it's funny how things work out.
    I hope your son is doing great. Best of luck!


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