Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer is here!

We are just about settled in to our new home! It has been a busy month moving and then a week later breaking in the house with Samuel's Gagaw and grand-dad Engle, Uncle Andy and Aunt Morgan and great-grandma and grandpa Engle coming to visit. We certainly had a houseful! It was very nice to spend time with everyone and share such a nice time on Mother's Day.

While everyone was visiting, Samuel got to go swimming for the first time. Even though the water was very cold, he seemed to enjoy getting his feet wet. Mommy didn't have the heart to get him totally wet and cold. Since then, I was able to find a big floaty crab for a boy his size and I think we will take advantage of that tomorrow. After that first "swim", my mom took me and Morgan to get pedicures. Of course, since the big boys were golfing Samuel had to come with the girls. He had the best time entertaining the ladies at the nail salon. I'm not sure who was having more fun there but I would almost guess it was the ladies. He would make his purring noises, rolling his Rs, and they would all do it back.

Samuel has also had his 6-month well-baby check up. His weight was 18 pounds (50% percentile), which has slowed down a bit since he was sick last month. He is 28 inches long (87% percentile) with a head
circumference of 19 inches (97% percentile). A few months ago he was a short fat kid with a big head. Now he is the long skinny kid with a big head! He got some more shots, which he handles like a trooper. He cries for just a few seconds then is over it. This particular time was more fun than before because he was able to sit up better than ever and play with the tissue paper on the exam table. We kept having to move him up further on the table to the part that was covered with paper. By the time we left, there was no paper left for him to play with! He was having a blast.

He has also started developing his tastes. Samuel isn't too fond of vegetables, but will eat them. He prefers the sweeter foods like fruit. And as far as the prepared dinners go, he enjoys them for the most part. He does NOT like macaroni and cheese, surprisingly. I always thought every kid liked that! He still doesn't have any teeth although there are a few white specs where teeth should be coming in. I've given up looking for them and just know they will be there too soon.

It's been so fun getting to spend time with him. Everyday
with him is a gift. He is really developing a personality and it is so much fun!

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